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Add-ons Article and Forum Connect: XenForo and WP 1.1.3

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افزونه فوق ادغام نظرات مابین زنفورو و وردپرس رو محیا کرده و مدیریت می کند


Article and Forum Connect Free
WordPress and XenForo - two extensive softwares, integrated simply with Article and Forum Connect. Sync comments between XenForo and WordPress allowing users to post and view on either platform and choose the method that works best for your community. Easily connect comments/posts utilizing session cookies or linking WordPress & XenForo accounts without requiring the forum and blog to be on the same server.

Article and Forum Connect Plus

Article and Forum Connect Plus includes more options giving you the flexibility to connect posts/comments between XenForo and WordPress by either session cookies, connected WP/XF users, or an Iframe. It is only available through our Resource subscription. To learn more about our Audentio Community Select add-ons and our subscription plan, find more information here.

Features for both the free and premium option:
  • Sync comments between WordPress and XPress - WordPress comments will be posted to the XenForo thread, and XenForo posts will be posted as WordPress comments
  • Supports the sites being on different servers
  • Flexibility in configuring the integration and how user authentication is performed
  • Set default forums to post to based on the post category, and default users, as well as override these settings for individual posts
  • Utilize the XenForo API
The zipped file included within the resource is a WordPress plugin, not a XenForo addon.
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