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Breadcrumb Essentials for Xenforo 2 adds numerous community requested features by Xenforo users! Customize your breadcrumb with useful Style Properties, use the Xenforo 1 breadcrumb appearance, hide or show the breadcrumb according to pages and more!

  • Make easy changes with useful Style Properties!
  • Enable the XF1-style breadcrumb appearance
  • Hide the top or bottom breadcrumb globally, or specify per-page!
  • Style the breadcrumb separately between XF1 and XF2 appearance
  • Style the breadcrumb container and items (regular, hover, home, and active item)!
  • Move the Share buttons into the breadcrumb
  • Use a Home icon for the first item
  • Show first-level page titles following the home item ("What's New", "Forums", etc)
  • Add a button with icon to the right of the breadcrumb
  • Change the breadcrumb item separator icon (> or /)
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