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Language Translation [Latin American Spanish] 1.0

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XenForo translation to Spanish language Latin America region. With the RAE as a rule of language use.

  • Emoji translated 100%
  • 100% translated public view of the site
  • 100% translated admin panel (Correction with sensitive phrases for options)
  • List of Countries translated 100% (Correction of official names in Spanish)
  • List of Currencies translated 100% (Correction of official names in Spanish)
Following the rules established by the RAE, if you find any error, contact me by PM.

  1. Log in AdminCP > Appearance > Languages
  2. Import: language-Spanish-ES.
  3. Import as: child language (no parent).
  4. Click Import.
Terms of use:
  • The language contains a copyright (available to be removed without payment).
  • Sale, distribution of this product is prohibited (partial / total). Please only allowed directly with me
Diego Elías (DiegoElias in XenForo)
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