XF2 Style Westlake

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  • XenForo 2.2.4 compatibility
  • Added a feature that wraps the nav phrase in span for additional design options with the sidebar navigation
  • Fixed an issue on Legend that caused the login phrase to not be viewable on mobile
  • Fixed an issue that caused meta titles to not work properly
  • Fixed an issue with the overlay blur effect that caused page width issues on mobile when modals are opened
  • Fixed an issue with the Fab button which caused it to show above the text input area on mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue that caused the sticky tab bar to cover the entire screen when scrolled past certain points with either infinite scroll addons or with header wrapper disabled
  • Fixed an issue with the style property known as drop-down menus (beta) which caused random jumping when hovering over navigation items
  • Fixed an issue with the search bar drop-down button "Advanced" which lost its color in the last update
  • Fixed a height issue with overflow category nodes
Note: This release cannot be used on XenForo 2.1, it is exclusively for XenForo 2.2 only.
Note: This update does not require a UI.X add-on update to function properly.
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