XenForo 2.2.16 Released Full Nulled By XnForo.Ir

Releases XenForo 2.2.16 Released Full Nulled By XnForo.Ir 2.2.16 Patch 2

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XenForo 2.2.14 is now available for all licensed customers to download. We strongly recommend that all customers running previous versions of XenForo 2.2 upgrade to this release to benefit from increased stability.

In addition to the usual slew of bug fixes and improvements, there are a few notable changes in this release.

Compatibility with PHP 8.1 and 8.2​

Most compatibility issues between PHP 8.1 and 8.2 have been addressed. Remaining issues might trigger E_DEPRECATED warnings in the xf_error_log during debug mode, but these are generally non-critical and can be disregarded.

Email unsubscribe changes​

Previously, we allowed users to unsubscribe from emails through certain mail clients when the automated unsubscribe handler was configured. With the introduction of XenForo 2.2.14, we're implementing a new standard feature that processes unsubscribe requests via HTTP. This feature is activated by default and requires no additional configuration. Your current settings for email unsubscribing will not be altered. The recent updates include:
  • Enhanced handling of the List-Unsubscribe header to support both mailto and HTTP methods.
  • Automatic inclusion of the unsubscribe header in a broader range of outgoing emails, such as notifications for watched threads and activity summaries.
  • A default-enabled option to send confirmation emails to users once their unsubscribe request is fulfilled.
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