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Arrowchat businnes edition full - Add live chat and video to your site in minutes

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ArrowChat is a self-hosted jQuery chat script that lets your XenForo users text and video chat with each other. ArrowChat installs in minutes with no programming knowledge required.

Allow your users to engage with one another​

ArrowChat goes right over the top of your existing XenForo website, so there is no need for special software or servers.

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XenForo updated Arrowchat businnes edition full with a new update entry:

Version 4.0 beta is now available!

It's our biggest update in two years with a focus on redesigning the front-end UI.

A Modern User Interface
  • Combining Features
    Rather than clutter up the user's screen with multiple tabs, we've combined chat rooms, notifications, and moderation into one tab.

  • Streamlined Chat Rooms
    The chat room windows now look like the user windows. This provides a more friendly user interface and allows for easy group chat integration in the future.

  • Chat Tabs...

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