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It has removed all the copyright notice from Xenforo default copyright to Nulumia copyright info, which is understandable. But, how to put my own custom copyright info?
Edit the style footer file
Or use footer plugins


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Edit the style footer file
Or use footer plugins
There is no style footer file, at least I couldn't find one. I only found a template, 'nl_footer_copyright'. The content of this file is
<xf:if is="property('nlCopyrightOff') == true AND property('nlCopyrightKey') != null"><!-- {{ property('nlCopyrightKey') }} --><xf:else /> | <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Free And Premium Xenforo Themes" target="_blank" class="u-concealed">Xenforo theme by Nulumia &copy;2016-{{ date($xf.time, 'Y') }}</a></xf:if>
<xf:if is="property('nlLicenseKey') != null"><!-- {{ property('nlLicenseKey') }} --></xf:if>
<!-- Style version: {{ property('nlStyleVersion') }} -->
The link and "Xenforo theme by Nulumia" can be changed but how to change the rest of the copyright info?
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