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Permissions-Based Access​

The "Allow User Posting to Thread as Anonymous" add-on offers permissions-based access, which ensures that only trusted users can post anonymously. This helps reduce the risk of misuse or abuse of the feature.

Assign Anonymity to Specific Forum User​

With this add-on, users can choose to post anonymously on a specific thread or topic while still maintaining their identity on other threads. This gives users greater control over their online persona and enables them to participate in discussions without revealing their identity.

Consistent Anonymous Identifiers​

The add-on ensures that anonymous users have a consistent identifier within the same thread, even if they post anonymously multiple times. This helps maintain the flow of conversation and prevents confusion among users.

Reveal Anonymous Users When Necessary​

The add-on also allows the forum owner to reveal the identity of anonymous users to the original user if necessary. This feature can be useful in situations where the forum owner needs to contact the user or prevent misuse of the feature.

Maintenance of Anonymous Records​

Even after uninstalling the add-on, anonymous records are maintained to ensure continued privacy. This ensures that the identity of users who posted anonymously cannot be revealed after the add-on is uninstalled.

Permissions: There 2 permissions in section Forum Permissions need to config.

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