Compatible XF Versions
2.0 , 2.1 , 2.2
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Add Live Chat and Video to XenForo
ArrowChat lets your XenForo users text and video chat with each other. Installs in minutes on top of any existing website.
Every version includes an admin panel to customize nearly everything you see. Enable large features like chat rooms or tweak smaller settings like background colors.

Change Settings in a Few Clicks​

With our fully-featured administration panel, you can change colors, settings, view logs, and much more.

Connect on Any Device (Premium Feature)
ArrowChat includes a version tailored specifically for mobile devices. A user visiting your site on a mobile device can pop up the chat right within your page.

XenForo Integration
  • Automatically log your users into the chat when they login to your site
  • Get their XenForo username
  • Get their XenForo avatar
  • Get a link to their profile
  • Get their XenForo group and setup group permissions

Latest updates

  1. ArrowChat - Facebook Style Chat 4.1.2

    This update includes bug fixes:
  2. ArrowChat - Facebook Style Chat v4.1.1

    This update includes two important fixes specifically for XenForo users...
  3. ArrowChat - Facebook Style Chat v4.1

    This update includes some new features for admins. Please see the release notes at...

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