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v1.1.8.9 - 6 March 2021
* Fix: Make sure WP Rocket is fully triggered when the assets are fetched via Asset CleanUp, as the "Uncode" theme is calling get_rocket_option() without checking if the function exists
* Fix: Added nonce checks to AJAX calls made by Asset CleanUp for extra security
= v1.1.8.8 - 4 February 2021
* Improved the caching mechanism: The most recently created files are never deleted in case HTML pages that weren't cleared for weeks or more would still load them successfully; Once "ver" is updated, then the now old file will be cleared in a couple of days (e.g. at least one day + the number of days set in "Settings" -> "Plugin Usage Preferences" -> "Clear previously cached CSS/JS files older than (x) days")
* Set a higher priority of the order in which the plugin's menu shows up in the top admin bar to make room for the notice related to the unloaded assets; Changed the notification icon from the menu (from exclamation to filter sign)
* Make sure the textarea for RegEx rules within CSS/JS Manager is adaptive based on its content (for easier reading of all the rules)
* Cleanup the value (strip any empty extra lines) from the RegEx textarea when it's updated for any unload/load exception rule to avoid invalid RegEx rules & make sure the delimiters are automatically added to the rules in case they were missed
* CSS Minifier Update: Better detection and minification for CSS related to math functions such as min(), max(), calc() and clamp(); Fix broken CSS (rare situations) that uses nested calc()
* Combine JS Update: Make sure the inline "translations" associated with a JS file is appended to the combined JS files, as this would also avoid possible errors such as "Uncaught ReferenceError: wp is not defined"
* Make sure preg_qoute() is used in CleanUp.php when clearing LINK/SCRIPT tags to avoid any errors such as unknown modifier
* Make sure jQuery Chosen is not beautifying the SELECT drop-down if "Input Fields Style" is set to "Standard" in the plugin's settings, so that anyone using a screen reader software (e.g. people with disabilities) will not have any problems using the drop-down
* Fallback: Added Internet Explorer compatibility (11 and below) for the deferred CSS that is loaded from the BODY
* Improved the way the file paths from "Inline CSS" and "Inline JS" areas are matched to make sure regular expressions can also be used for a match, not just the relative path to the file
* Fix: Make sure the unloading feature works for the WooCommerce Shop Page and it's not taken as a product archive page since it's connected to a page ID
* Fix: PHP Warning - array_merge() - Expected parameter 1 to be an array, null given - within the method alterWpStylesScriptsObj()
* Fix: Sometimes, due to the fact there were no line breaks on specific code shown in the hardcoded list, the left-side meta box had its width increased so much that it was hiding or partially showing the right-side meta boxes area that was only visible by using "View" -> "Zoom Out" in Google Chrome
* Fix: Hide the following area from the edit taxonomy page if the user is not an admin to avoid any confusion: "Asset CleanUp Pro: CSS & JavaScript Manager"
v1.1.8.7 - 16 January 2021

* Improvement: Make it more clear where the admin is applying the plugin unload rules (frontend or /wp-admin/) in "Plugins Manager" by renaming the text related to the rules as well as the submit button
* Improvement: Alert the admin in case he/she might be in the wrong tab for plugin unload in "Plugins Manager" when the "wp-admin" string is added to the RegEx rules and the admin is within the "IN FRONTEND VIEW (your visitors)" tab
* Make sure only Asset CleanUp Pro plugin is loading when its own AJAX calls are made to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php for faster processing (no point of loading other plugins) except the request when the caching is cleared (e.g. due to WP hooks that are used by other performance plugins)
* For easier debugging, the top admin bar menu now has the list of all the unloaded plugins and CSS/JS files within the current viewed page
* Prevent Asset CleanUp Pro from triggering when REST /wp-json/ calls are made due to conflicts with other plugins (e.g. Thrive Ovation for testimonials)
* Added a note below the textarea where the RegEx rule can be added (for unloading & load exceptions) that multiple RegExes are allowed one per line to make the admin aware of this option
* If an unload exception is chosen (after an existing unload rule has already been chosen), mark it with green font to easily distinguish it when going through the CSS/JS manager
* Cache Enabler: Clear plugin's caching right after Asset CleanUp Pro's caching is cleared to avoid references in the old cached HTML pages to files from Asset CleanUp Pro that might be missing or not relevant anymore
* Cache Enabler: Fix - PHP Deprecated: "cache_enabler_before_store" (the new filter is "cache_enabler_page_contents_before_store")
* Fix: Sometimes, admins are mistakenly moving the CSS/JS manager to the right side of the edit post/page area; It gets moved back where it belongs within the edit post/page area
* Fix: Update for 'Compatibility with "Wordpress Admin Theme - WPShapere" plugin' - make sure it applies to any admin page, not just the options page from WPShapere
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