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Small add-on for improving (?) UX in interface.
At this moment, in this add-on i implemented small, but handy features only for admins. You can suggest own features, if you interested.

Fast translation for "creatable" objects​

Some of the elements that the administrator creates from the admin interface use a "phrase system" to be able to translate into another languages. In this add-on i implemented a quick opening "edit phrase" overlay where phrases is used:

Supported types:
  • Reactions
  • Custom fields (user, threads, resources (XFRM) and another add-ons/content types): titles, descriptions
  • Prefixes and prefix groups (threads, resources (XFRM) and another add-ons/content types): titles, description, help usages...
  • Cron entries
  • Trophies
  • Activity summary sections
  • Help pages
  • Smilie categories
  • Custom BB codes
  • Public navigation
  • Widgets
  • [dev] Activity summary definitions
  • [dev] Admin permission
  • [dev] Admin navigation
  • [dev] API scopes
  • [dev] Widget definitions
  • [dev] "Interfaces" (groups) of permissions

Moderator permission copy​

I often have to create moderator entries (for nodes), and always i try remember, what permissions i use for moderators. I don't set permissions in group and node, because every moderator has own nodes. Some time ago i just written add-on for copying permissions from one node+user pair to another.
This is experimental feature.
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