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This add-on adds commands to create a convenient project structure on GitHub. However, you can continue development in standard directories, since the add-on automatically creates a symlink.

xf-addon:github-init {--gitinit} {--gitignore} ADDON_ID PROJECT_NAME - the command will move all files related to the add-on to the $FORUM_ROOT/github/$PROJECT_NAME/upload directory and creates symlinks to the transferred files.

gitinit option executes the "git init" command in $FORUM_ROOT/github/$PROJECT_NAME directory.
* Working only if shell_exec function is available.

gitignore option creates the .gitignore file in $FORUM_ROOT/github/$PROJECT_NAME directory.

Default .gitignore content

xf-addon:github-return {--remove|-r} ADDON_ID PROJECT_NAME - returns all transferred files and folders to their directories and removes symlinks.

remove|-r option deletes $FORUM_ROOT/github/$PROJECT_NAME directory.

Project structure example: 021-projects/XF2-ScheduledPosting
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    New features: New CLI command xf-addon:github-release ADDON_ID PROJECT_NAME to keep the correct...
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