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Are you tired of users bypassing bans by creating new accounts?​

Then this add-on the perfect solution for you! Be instantly notified when someone tries to outsmart your rules and swiftly put an end to their attempts.

Multiple methods for detecting multi-account users​

  1. Evercookie: The most reliable method, Evercookie works like regular cookies but is stored in various parts of the browser. This allows you to track users even after they clear their cookies. If matches are found, you can be confident that the same individual is using multiple accounts.
  2. FingerprintJS: A slightly less reliable, yet effective way to begin monitoring user activity. Developed by Valve, this script identifies users based on their browser settings and technical characteristics of their computers available through JavaScript.
  3. FingerprintJS Pro: More reliable than regular FingerprintJS but less so than Evercookie, FingerprintJS Pro boasts a 99.5% identification accuracy according to its developers (compared to the regular version's 60%). However, a subscription must be purchased from the developers' official website.
Please note that while highly effective, this add-on is not foolproof. Users taking anti-tracking precautions may not be detected, and the add-on may not identify old multi-accounts unless the user logs into them after installation. Experience the benefits of our cutting-edge add-on and keep your platform secure from rule-breakers!

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Latest updates

  1. [021] Multi-account detector 1.7.2

    Updated JS dependencies
  2. 1.4.0

    Minimum PHP version for this update is 7.4 Changes: Added FingerprintJS Pro support...
  3. 1.3.3 - Important update

    Fixed: Multiccount could be falsified by assigning an account to another user
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