BuddyPress Auto Activate Autologin Redirect To Profile On Signup

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This plugin is a pro version for my other free BuddyPress plugin that allows automatically activating user accounts on signup for a BuddyPress based site.
The user accounts are activated as soon as a user signups for the site.

Here is the pro version called "BP Auto activate Auto Login-redirect to profile on Signup". I Hope the name says everything It is supposed to do

What It does
Good question!

  • Auto activate user account instantly on sign up
  • Stop The activation mail sent to user(there is no more activation mail required, as the accounts are automatically activated)
  • After activating the user account, This plugin logs them in automatically and redirects the user to their profile.
So basically, It provides a seamless experience for your users. Once your user click "Complete Signup"(what ever you call it on your registration page, Their account will be automatically activated, they will be logged in and redirected to their new profile, so all they see is your signup page and the next page is their own profile.

This plugin works perfectly in both the cases
  • User registers for a user name only(i.e no blog at signup)
  • User registers for username and blog both
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