A collection of improvements to the XenForo Conversation system.

For large forums, please see the "Installing for large forums" section

Uninstalling removes all data!
Search Index however will require a full rebuild to delete the old data!

  • Adds conversation search, with options to search by recipient.
  • New Conversation Permissions
  • Conversation Message Edit history
  • Conversation Title Edit history
  • Allow conversations with no-one (default off)
Adds conversation search, with options to search by recipient

Users must be a member of the conversation to see the conversation in search results.

Does not permit moderators/administrators to see another person's conversations in search results.

Adds each conversation, and conversation message to the XenForo Search store (MySQL or Elastic Search), which may result in a larger search index.

New Conversation Permissions

Just takes away a user's "reply" button, no banners.

The reply limit is for the entire conversation, but the limit is per user group. Consider when User A & User B are members of a conversation.

User A can have a reply limit of 5. User B can have a reply limit of 10.

Once the conversation has >5 replies, User A can no longer post. Once the conversation has >10 replies, User A and User B can no longer post

Conversation Message Edit History

Adds edit history for conversation messages.

Conversation Title Edit History

Adds edit history for conversation's title, and implements a new moderator permission "Manage Conversations by anyone" to allow non-conversation starters to edit a conversation.

Allow conversations with no-one

A global option to allow users to send conversations to just themselves.

Known Issues
  • Edit History does not respect/implement any silent editing window.
  • This add-on likely will require a higher memory limit (ie <256mb isn't going to cut it) due to extra search results.
Installing for large forums

For large forums, please try manually adding all the columns in a single step.
This took upto 5 minutes for 1.3 million conversation messages (compressed).

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  • Can Reply to Conversation. - Default - If a group can start a conversation, they can reply.
  • Reply Limit for Conversation. - Default - If a group can start a conversation, the reply limit is disabled (ie infinite).
  • Manage Conversations by anyone. - Default - If a group can edit any conversation posts, this permission is set for them.
Manual post-installation steps - Rebuild Search Index

The add-on will report (via server errors) if conversation related content types require re-indexing.

Performance impact
  • 1 extra query per conversation message posted due to indexing, and indexing itself.
Contributing features or bug fixes
Please create a Github Pull request via the "More Information" link.


If you appreciate this addon, please consider a contribution via PayPal. Details will be provide via private conversation.

Please contact me if you wish for different licencing arrangements.
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