Compatible XF Versions
2.1 , 2.2
Visible Branding
This plugin converts the control panel to a dark style.
  • The plugin has color settings.
  • Also, the design of the template editor (CodeMirror) with a choice of 10 styles has been made a separate setting.
  • All these settings are changed only in the master style, so you need developer mode to change it.
  • Added the ability to customize the login page in the Admin panel.
  • Ability to disable customization of the login page or the panel itself individually
Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 11-12-55 Development for XenForo - Admin control panel.png
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 2.2.9

    The plugin has color settings.
  2. 2.2.1

    Added xenforo 2.2.1 compatibility.
  3. 2.2.0

    XenForo 2.2 Compatibility Fixed minor bugs.

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