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Demo My WordPress is the most powerful and simplest way to let your potential customers truly experience your WordPress products. A game changer and the first of its kind, this product helps you create separate demo sites that allow your users to literally do everything with it, both backend and frontend.

With just few simple steps, your product’s demo is all set and ready to be delivered to your customers!

Main Features:

  • Dedicated and isolated demo sites: Demo My WordPress provides each of your potential customers with their own demo site on our hosting. This ensures no conflicts will ever happen between users.
  • Ability to install any plug-ins: Demo My WordPress is the only service that lets your customers install plug-ins! This helps them better appreciate the quality of your product.
  • Export your demo to your customers: With Demo My WordPress, you can export each customer’s demo site into a quickstart package so that they can easily deploy on their production site.
What Can You Do With This Plugin?
Demo My WordPress adds a front end form using a simple shortcode that enables your visitors to access a demo WordPress environment that is a copy of a template that you set up during plugin config.
Demo My WordPress WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool to make WordPress demo page creation extremely simple.
v1.0.5 update: Added the ability to clone the main site of the multisite install for the new websites that the users create using the plugin – tutorial video
This plugin must be configured on a WordPress Multisite install to work!

  • Do you want to allow users to access a demo backend to test your theme/plugin?
  • Do you want to automatically delete generated demo websites?
  • Do you want to NOINDEX generated demo pages?
  • No problem!
Plugin features

  • Include a shortcode that will add the demo generator form anywhere on your website: posts, pages, widgets, template
  • Automatically clear generated demo websites – at a period defined by you
  • Define NOINDEX to generated pages
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