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WP Plugins FacetWP - Advanced Filtering Plugin For WordPress 3.7.4 + Addons

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Use FacetWP to add faceted search to your eCommerce sites, resource libraries, listing pages and more.

Smart Filtering

Users find what they're looking for faster because only relevant filtering choices are shown. This leads to happier customers and increased sales.

Use your existing data
Facets use your site's existing custom fields, taxonomies, and post data (author, post date, post type, etc).

Lightning Fast
FacetWP is ajax-based, so filtering happens quickly and without page refreshes. The plugin also uses an index table for extra speed.

Works with most themes
Add facets anywhere on your page using shortcodes or PHP. Other built-in features (pagination, sorting, user selections) are also just a shortcode away.

Lots of facet types
FacetWP comes with 12 facet types, including checkboxes, dropdowns, date ranges, sliders, and even proximity (geolocation).

Developer friendly
Developers can take advantage of the plugin's many hooks for a high degree of customization

Latest updates

  1. FacetWP v3.7.4 + Addons

    v3.7.4 - February 18, 2021 Fixed date picker issue with soft refresh Fixed fSelect remained...
  2. FacetWP v3.7.3 + Addons

    3.7.3 February 2, 2021 Fixed date picker - date selection was 1 day off (for certain timezones)...
  3. FacetWP v3.7.1 + Addons

    v3.7.1 - January 18, 2021 New brand new JS date picker! (custom built) New preparing codebase...
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