Compatible XF Versions
2.0 , 2.1 , 2.2
Visible Branding

Displays a block containing featured images.

This add-on will display a block of attachments and is normally displayed in the forum list. Each featured image can be clicked and the post where the attachment is uploaded is displayed. Featured images are randomly selected and updated every 5 minutes.

(Example of Featured images)


(Example of Options page)


(Example of User group permissions)


  • In responsive mode featured images are reduced in quantity and size.
  • Images can be selected from any forum.
  • Cron entry will rotate images every 5 minutes.
  • All phrases start with featuredimages_ for your convenience.
User group permissions:

Typically you will set 'Yes' for the following two user groups:

Unregistered /Unconfirmed

  1. Create a directory /data/files/featured_images using File manager. Please note if you uninstall this add-on, the new directory will not be automatically deleted, it's up to the admin to do this.
  2. Go to the Featured images Options page and update the Include forums and Image link options.
Creating the widget:
  1. Admin Control Panel -> Appearance -> Widgets
  2. Widget definition = Featured images
  3. Widget key = featured_images
  4. Title = (leave blank)
  5. Display in positions = Forum list: Above nodes
  6. Click Save.
Questions and Answers:

Q: How do I change the "Featured images" title?
A: Edit the featuredimages_featured_images phrase.

Latest updates

  1. AndyB Featured images 2.6

    Featured images v2.6 changes: Added Log errors to options page.
  2. AndyB Featured images 2.5

    Featured images v2.5 changes. Now compatible with XenForo Cloud. If upgrading from previous...
  3. andyb Featured images 2.4

    Featured images v2.4 changes: Improved error handling code.
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