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Replaces XenForo search with Google custom search.

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All phrases start with googlecustomsearch_ for your convenience.

Setup step 1:
Go to the Google custom search start page:
Programmable Search Engine | Google Developers

Log into your Google account.
Click the 'Get started' link.
Click the 'create an instance of a Custom Search Engine' link.
Click the 'Control Panel' link.
Click Add.

Add the following information:

Search engine name = the name of your forum
Enter a site or pages =*
Search settings = select images

Click Create.

Setup step 2:
Go to the Options page and enter your Search engine ID.

Latest updates

  1. Google custom search 1.6

    Google custom search v1.6 changes: Added 'Return to forums' link in results page.
  2. See description

    Google custom search v1.5 changes: Now compatible with XF 2.2.12.
  3. See description

    Google custom search v1.4 changes: Now compatible with XF 2.2 and newer.
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