Need to add tooltips to your forms to better enhance communication and messaging on your Gravity Forms? Gravity Forms Tooltips add-on makes it easy to do just that!

With a dynamic settings screen you can set the color, size and position of your tooltips and add unique tooltip content to every field within your Gravity Form.

Easily add styled Tooltips to any field in your Gravity Forms
We’ve built our plugin to easily add tooltips to any of your fields within Gravity Forms. Tooltips also work with all of our existing plugins like color picker, image choices and collapsible sections so you can enjoy our newest plugin with the combo of JetSloth plugins.
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Latest updates

  1. Gravity Forms Tooltips Add-On v1.1.10 Nulled

    v1.1.10 03/03/2021 Provide a global gf_tooltips_init_delay javascript variable to control...
  2. Gravity Forms Tooltips Add-On v1.1.9

    v1.1.9 29/01/2021 Switch icon fonts from preload to prefetch to prevent browser warnings
  3. Gravity Forms Tooltips Add-On v1.1.8

    v1.1.8 13/01/2021 Run tooltip content through do_shortcode
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