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2.1 , 2.2
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Like brother Image View for XenForo version 1, addon [VNXF 2x] Image View - Allows guests to view photos of the attachment full as a support member to view photos of attachments in a post more clearly.

By default, XenForo has the same permissions for the file and the attachment image, if they see the full image, they can also download the file, but if they don't let the visitors download the file, they only see the thumbnail in the post.
This version has let you wait too long, please download this version to use, it's optimized with XenForo 2.1.x. Addon has not been tested on XenForo 2.2.x.

For example: In the templates that use the thread you add:
will get a thumbnail image of 500px horizontal size, 280px high.

will take the first 17 words of the thread content to do excerpt
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