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Instantify by DaftPlug is a AIO plugin that combines Progressive Web Apps, Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles and work them together to achieve amazing preformance and user experience on every possible platform. Plugin is compatible with any WP configuration. You have controll on every setting and with powerfull admin panel

Latest updates

  1. Instantify Plugin v4.6 Nulled

    Version 4.6 – 6 March, 2021 ADDED - Dark Mode support ADDED - ServiceWorker cache expire time...
  2. Instantify v4.5 Nulled

    v4.5 – 28 February, 2021 Thanks To @NullMaster ADDED - Snackbar installation overlay ADDED - In...
  3. Instantify Plugin v4.4 Nulled

    v4.4 – 21 February, 2021 IMPROVED - Changelog in support section IMPROVED - User agent...
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