A simple knowledge base software that allows you to create and easily maintain a Q&A section on your website, publish content, add rich text formatting, links and embed multimedia. This script is built in PHP and uses MySQL to store the database. The PHP knowledge base script uses our latest PHPJabbers framework and adapts to any screen resolution to provide an optimal user experience on any device.

Categories and subcategories
Ability to structure your content with categories. You can easily add categories and multi level subcategories with category name and description to your knowledge base script.

Easy navigation
Easy navigation
The built-in tab navigation - featured, most popular, most recent, as well as categories and glossary alphabetical pagination helps visitors quickly navigate through your content.

Built-in search
With hundreds of questions in your knowledge base you know how difficult it is to find something. Our knowledge base software has a quick search on the front-end and advanced search engine built-in the admin panel.

Built-in knowledge base search
Rich content editor
Built-in content editor helps you easily publish Q&A, answers with text, images, videos and audio, add rich text formatting, links, and embed multimedia.

You can choose to use a glossary in your knowledge base. If you make the glossary available, you need to create a custom glossary for your knowledge base.

Multi language support
With our Knowledge Base Builder you can make your FAQ and knowledge base available in any language and also add a multi language flag bar at the front-end.

Multi language knowledge base script
Responsive front-end
Knowledge Base Builder is built with responsive front-end design and adapts to any screen resolution to provide optimal user experience on any device - PC or Mac, tablets and mobile devices

Responsive front-end
Database backup
Prevent any loss of information by regularly performing a backup of your database and files. Log in as an administrator to the knowledge base script and perform the backup with just one click of a button.
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