Compatible XF Versions
2.2 , 2.3
Visible Branding
Provides lazy loaded image support via the Lazysizes

A zero query method for per user-group lazy loading of the and [/B]
  • Enable Outside threads/Conversations
    • permits the lazy loading bbcode injection to run outside of those contexts. Inside those context it will still respect permissions.
  • Force lazy loaded spoiler'ed images
    • Ignores permissions, and lazy loads images in spoilers
  • Lazy load icons
    • Lazy load user avatars, resource icons, and threadmark icons.
      This uses browser native lazy loading.
  • Use native lazy loading
    • Requires a modern browser, otherwise falls back to js library code
  • Inject blank SVG for attachment

Unveil effects
Add styling to your theme for the classes: lazyload, lazyloading, lazyloaded. This can be done by the provided style classes

Fade in
Fade image in after load.

In; Lazy loading and Lazy loading in progress
opacity: 0;
In Lazy loading finished add;

opacity: 1;
transition: opacity 300ms;

Fade image in while loading and show a spinner as background image (good for progressive images)

In; Lazy loading;
opacity: 0;
In Lazy loading in progress;
opacity: 1;
transition: opacity 300ms;
background: #f7f7f7 url(loader.gif) no-repeat center;

A "loader.gif" image is not provided by this add-on!
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Latest updates

  1. Lazy Load [img] 2.6.0

    Require php 7.2+ Require StandardLib 1.18.0+ Require XenForo 2.2+ Confirm XF2.3 compatibility
  2. 2.5.1 - Bugfix update

    Prevent doubling images on selecting text/images under a spoiler & using quote/reply feature.
  3. 2.5.0 - XF2.2 compatibility update

    Requires php 7.0+ Require Standard Library by Xon Rename various options to be consistantly...
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