Post Macros 5 is a XenForo 2 compatible major rewrite of my Post Macros add-on for XF 1.

Post Macros allows your users to define 'macros' that are available to use inside of the rich text editors on your board. These macros can have 'metadata' assigned to them, allowing them to perform actions such as setting the thread title when creating a new thread, or setting the thread prefix or lock/unlock state.

Macros can also be shared between users - although users must first 'enrol' onto them, so as to prevent a large buildup of unwanted macros on the editor list.

Board administrators can also create 'Global macros', that are defined via the admin control panel, and available to users' with the relevant permissions - permissions for global macros use the standard XF permissions system, so fully support permission inheritance.

Note: This add-on has only been tested with upgrades from the latest XF1 version. I highly recommend you upgrade to the latest XF1 version before upgrading XF1 to XF2.

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