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v1.2.8 - 2021-1-27

  • This version will mainly check the issues reported by the customers and bring new features that were in the works for some time.
Note: It seems WordPress latest version is having an issue with current Elementor version 3.6.4. So, don't install Elementor 3.6.4 or uninstall it before activating the plugin and install an earlier version. I have version 3.5.5 with Pro vesrion 3.6.2 and installed those and no conflict whatsoever. Please check it at your end before uploading.
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  • New: Added option to define the words that cannot be included in the listing description e.g. Bad Words Filter
  • New: Added option that all users are premium by default
Homepage Search
  • Improved: The possibility of setting custom step and minimum value of the range field was added
  • Fixed: Expiring promotion sometimes were showing different items and not only promotions
  • Feature: Added option to choose the number of category items for the desktop in Category Carousel widget.
  • Fixed: The location was not displayed if the owner has the personal account type in the Ads Widget.
  • Fixed: Error in Partners Widget due translation.
Mobile Menu
  • Fixed: Issue with submitting listing button link when wp installation is in a subfolder
User Dashboard
  • Feature: Added option to display the VAT number and SDI Code.
  • Fixed: Error occurred if the phone number is included in the listing submission form.
  • Fixed: The logout button can't be seen on the open sidebar on smaller devices.
  • Fixed: Not properly displaying active and not active promotions on the listing promotions tab
  • Fixed: Bids tab still displaying after disabling bidding on the site.
  • Improved: PHP check for the possible commission was wrongly set
    My Profile
Listing Single
  • Fixed: Issue with a cookie nonce when storing statistic on some instances
Premium Profile
  • Fixed: Location is not visible.
Packages Active package upon registration
  • Fixed: The duration of the active package was not displayed correctly.
  • Feature: Added option to choose profile type on the user registration form. (Lisfinity Options -> Register Setup -> Additional Fields)
  • Fixed: The description for receiving the verification code is displayed when SMS verification is not allowed.
  • Fixed: Issue with default package promotions not being assigned
  • Improved: Improved social login registration to inclulde default packages and make user verified by default
Search Page
  • Fixed: Issue with sorting options
  • Fixed: Issue with not properly displaying promoted items in the category search
  • Improved: Hid meta fields from the checkout that are not relevant to a user
Theme Options
  • Improved: Some clarifications in fields descriptions
v1.1.23 - 2021-03-10
The Highlight of the update - Many Improvements + Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Input filed value when buying the premium profile couldn't be erased.
  • Fixed: The website and the email label on the premium profile page weren't displayed properly.
  • Fixed: Footer Phone Number escaping was adding HTTP prefix.
  • Improved: Added an option to choose which location you want to display on the Single Listing Page and Search page Products.
  • Improved: Added option to set the min and max values for the promotion duration.
Listing Submission
  • Fixed: The promotion price is not updating- it always shows the default price value.
  • Fixed: Sometimes occur issues with stats not being set properly.
  • Fixed: The format of the docs that can be uploaded was indicated wrong.
  • Fixed: The Color Bump promotion wasn't displaying the color due to the elementor style overriding.
Single Listing Page
  • Fixed: The Listing Publish Date option doesn't display the date.
  • Improved: If the show the advertiser's phone number is set to - Only to logged-in users, the phone number will appear, but with the hidden last three digits.
Search Filters
  • Fixed: The range field options were not selectable.
Category Page
  • Fixed: The mobile menu filters icon doesn't show.
Search Page
  • Fixed: The error was thrown on the search page when the Sort By Options was left empty.
  • Fixed: Issue with the geolocation search (NearBy)
Header Notifications
  • Fixed: Notification menu displayed off-screen.
Multicurrency Builder
  • Fixed: When the currency is switched, the price stays unchanged on the profile page.
  • Fixed: The term icon on the Ads widget wasn't displayed.
  • Fixed: Box shadow of the large image in the Product Gallery widget didn't work.
  • Improved: Added an option to choose which location you want to display on the Ads Widget.
Lisfinity -> Ads Widget
  • Improved: Allowed random ordering of non promoted listings
  • Fixed: The sale price was not displayed correctly.
  • Improved: Prevented possible PHP error with a conditional check for the promotion existence
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