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1. It displays the list on Forum Home.
2. The list view is collapsable, so you just see the number of posters.
3. Invisible users are only displayed to those allowed to see them (with a "*")
4. Users who should display as coloured or bold etc will be displayed correctly. (based on the display usergroup)
5. If you 'hover' over a username it will show the time they registered.
6. If you click on a members name it will display their profile page.
7. The option to record and display the Most Ever Registrations can be enabled.
8. The ability to turn it on/off is an ACP Option.
9. The ability to allow only certain usergroups to view the list is an ACP option (include or exclude groups).
10. The switch between "Today" and "Rolling 24 Hours" is an ACP option.
11. The listing of names can be suppressed (a simple message is displayed instead).
12. The display can be set as always collapsed on initial page load (4.0.2 +)
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    v4.2.0.0 : 24-May-2012 : Updated for vBulletin 4.2.0
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