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2.1 , 2.2
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Displays a Most reactions widget.

(Example of Most reactions widget)

(Example of Options page)

(Example of User group permissions)

All phrases start with mostreactions_ for your convenience.

Creating the widget:
  1. Admin Control Panel -> Appearance -> Widgets
  2. Widget definition = Most reactions
  3. Widget key = most_reactions
  4. Title = (leave blank)
  5. Display in positions = Forum list: Sidebar
  6. Click Save.
User group permissions:
Normally you will select Yes to the following User groups:
Unregistered / Unconfirmed

Cron entries:
This add-on updates the widget every hour. When you first install the add-on please run the Cron entries manually in order to see the widget:
Admin control panel -> Tools -> Cron entries -> Most likes

Questions and Answers:
Q: When do the reactions count numbers update?
A: They are updated once per hour by Cron entry.
Q: I changed the Days in the Options page, why does the title still show "Most Reactions - past 7 days" in the widget?
A: The phrase called mostreactions_most_reactions_past_x_days needs to updated.
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    Most reactions v1.4 changes: Fixed issue with limit not working correctly if some secondary...
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    Most reactions v1.2 changes: Remove no longer used template code.
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