My Delivery Wordpress

Plugin for creating a Virtual Delivery Store.
There is no need for the woocommerce plugin.

Detail - it needs to be canceled the license of the plugin, if someone has the capacity and share the link again in the forum, I believe it will help many of the forum.

I cannot share my license, as it does not work on a second installation (I already took the test)
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  1. My Delivery Wordpress v1.8.7 Nulled
  2. My Delivery Wordpress v1.8.6 Nulled

    Version 1.8.6 - 1.2021 Tweak: Improvements in order JS files. Fix: Fix wrong with required input
  3. My Delivery Wordpress v1.8.3 Nulled

    Version 1.8.3 - 1.2021 Tweak: Updated translates (PT-BR) Check if store is open when user try...
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