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This is an add-on that was designed with vBulletin 4.2.0. It may not work on earlier versions of vBulletin, but it should with any vB 4.x versions.

Stops members from adding signatures until they reach a post count you set.

NOTE: This does not stop signatures from being displayed. Members that already have signatures but do not meet the number of posts required will be unable to edit their signatures until they reach the minimum post count you set.

1) Import the product XML file (product-nosignatures.xml) into the Product Manager in AdminCP.

2) Go to ACP->Settings->Options->No Signature Settings. Turn on the system and set the number of posts required for a user to create a signature.

3) If you still want the Edit Signature link to show in usercp, go to ACP->Plugins & Products->Plugin Manager and disable the 'No Signature Link in Usercp' plugin. That will display an error telling them they need x posts when a member trys to add/edit a signature.
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