[OzzModz] Admin Control Panel Improvements

Add-ons [OzzModz] Admin Control Panel Improvements 2.0.0

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Compatible XF Versions
2.1 , 2.2
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Some improvements and tweaks for admin control panel
  • Ajax-search field for:
    • Banned users
    • Banned emails
    • Banned IP addresses
    • Discouraged IP addresses
  • Display order sorting for:
    • Thread prefixes
    • Help pages
    • Two-step verification providers
    • User upgrades
    • Member statistics
    • Custom user fields
    • Custom thread fields
  • Thread prefix preview
  • Multiple email & ip banning (split with new line)
  • Show template modification add button without develop mode
  • Help page adding/saving with/ with out exit to list page
  • Template modification adding/saving with/without exit to list page
  • Template modification anchors
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