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Reward your users with collectible badges, and control how your users get them.

  • Award users badges based on criteria.
  • Manually award users badges.
  • Display badges on users profiles, and profile cards.
  • CRON Job for automatically applying badges when a user meets criteria.
  • Notification options (User controlled emails, global disable)
  • Uses caching to escape extra DB queries
  • Data importer from [VersoBit] Badges
  • and more
Getting Started: Automatic Installation (with .zip)
Upload .zip to your XenForo forum using the Install/upgrade from archive button in ACP:Addons (admin.php?add-ons).

Getting Started: Manual Installation Method
  1. Download the desired version of the Addon.
  2. Extract .zip contents.
  3. Upload the contents of upload to the root folder of your XenForo Installation.
  4. Navigate to your forums ACP.
  5. Install [OzzModz] Badges in ACP:Addons (admin.php?add-ons).
How to import data from [VersoBit] Badges or [bd] Metals:
  1. Disable [VersoBit] Badges or [bd] Metals
  2. Install this add-on
  3. In your admin panel navigate to Tools -> Import data and select "[OzzModz] Badges: [VersoBit] Badges or [bd] Metals”
  4. If everything is imported correctly you can uninstall the [VersoBit] Badges or [bd] Metals
Getting Started
  1. Configure the Global Settings in ACP:Options:[OzzModz] Badges

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