ReviewX Pro - Accelerate WooCommerce Sales With ReviewX

WP Plugins ReviewX Pro - Accelerate WooCommerce Sales With ReviewX 1.1.6

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Easily Get Multi Criteria Customer Reviews For Your Products & Use That To Build Credibility And Increase Revenue

Collect Product Reviews
Add multiple review criteria to get an honest opinion

Showcase Reviews Statistics
Provide graphical data on each product page to build loyalty

Improve SEO Positioning
Google Rich Schema will boost SEO site ranking and conversion

Engage Customers More
Customer can recommend your product to others & increase traffic
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Latest updates

  1. ReviewX Pro Plugin v1.1.6

    v1.1.6 - 14-02-2021 - Update: Compatibility issue with Ocean WP theme - Update: Compatible with...
  2. ReviewX Pro Plugin v1.1.5

    v1.1.5 - 01-01-2021 - New: Settings to Enable/Disable 'Create Automatic Unsubscribe Page' - New...
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