WooCommerce rich snippets plugin allows you to provide more information about your business in the Google search results. It helps you add schema details for local business, website links, breadcrumbs, rich cards, logo and video . You can also enable product schema to extra information in results such as price, reviews, ratings etc.

With rich snippets WordPress plugin, you can also enable breadcrumbs to create ease for the users in navigating the website. Bring more traffic to your online store by enriching the display of the home page, carousel, and logo in the schema. Maximize social media exposure by adding social profiles to the schema markup in no time.

Key Features of Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin
Add Your Business Name, Address, Location to Rich Snippets
Enable Default Product Schema
Display Business Contact Details in SERPs
Enable Breadcrumbs for better navigation
Add homepage, carousel, and logo schema
Show Social Profiles in Google Searches
Highlight videos in rich snippets
Exhibit Articles in Google Top Stories Carousel & Rich Results (New)
Recipe Schema to Highlight Your Recipe Content (New)
Show Upcoming Events in Search Results (New)
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  1. Rich Snippets & Schema Markup Plugin v1.1.0

    v1.1.0 Updated: New Features Added: 1) Following Schemas Added - Book - Course - Job Posting -...
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