I'm pleased to announce my first published addon here on xF community! :)

Of course it is 100% free and without branding texts.

It is a premium Glossary System. See screenshots!


  • Allow admin to submit as many glossary categories as he wants.
  • Each glossary can have a custom icon (based on integrated to xF, font awesome).
  • Each glossary can have a wide range of custom fields (text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons, selection menus, number boxes etc).
  • Fast (Ajax) and advanced search (custom fields) to the glossary terms are provided.
  • There is a sidebar with two widgets: Latest Terms and Popular Terms (based on views).
  • My Terms page.
  • Views counter for each term.
  • Edit view count for each term.
  • Alphabet navigation filters allow you to fast detect terms based on a letter.
  • The system allows you to apply a second alphabet navigation with the letters of your language!
  • Terms sort by ascending or descending order.
  • Integrated with the xF approval queque system.
  • Integrated with the xF Report system.
  • Admin Lock/Unlock and Activate/ Deactivate glossary.
  • Emptying Glossary tool.
  • Admin "Merge Glossaries" tool.
  • Integrated data importing system, where you can import terms via a CSV file (created with Microsoft Excel).
Usergroup permissions for members:
  • View Glossary section
  • View Glossary terms (entries)
  • Send new Terms to Approval Queue
  • Can search for Terms (fast search)
  • Can search for Terms (advanced search)
  • View Latest Terms (sidebar)
  • View Popular Terms (sidebar)
  • Report terms to Staff
Usergroup permissions for moderators:
  • Delete any Term
  • Delete own Terms
  • Edit any Term
  • Edit own Terms
  • Approve / unapprove Terms
  • View IPs
  • Edit term Views Counter
The addon is in beta stage. It has been tested with xF2.1 and xF2.2.

Let me know for bugs or suggestions.

P.T. (Scandal)

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