Signup abuse detection and blocking

Add-ons Signup abuse detection and blocking 1.10.10

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Compatible XF Versions
2.0, 2.1, 2.2
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From (simple) multiple accounts detection to isp/connection fingerprinting with score-based moderating/rejecting logic. These are very effective low-hanging fruit at reducing spam.

Supports migration configuration from the following XF1 add-ons;
  • TPU Spam Detect
  • Alter ego Detector
See the FAQ Known Issues for known limitations. This is not a turn-key solution, and each site may require customization!

For multiple account detection, supports reporting to reports/threads. And will send reports to the same report/thread. To send to thread you must select the "Multi-account to thread" extra.
For connection fingerprinting more additional information is collected and recorded on the account.
Note; Configuration defaults are conservative, aimed at blocking VPNs and proxies. There are a large number of configuration options for this add-on!

Link content spam checking
Instead of adding the spam phrases http:///https:// which generate lots of false positives; this allows controlling how links are treated by the content spam checker;
  • Explicitly allow URLs with a given domain
  • Explicitly moderate URLs with a given domain
  • Explicitly reject URLs with a given domain
  • Default allow/moderate/reject for unclassified URLs

Multiple account handling permissions
  • Bypass multiple account checking
  • Can enable / disable alerting for user
  • Can enable / disable alerting for log
  • View reportings.
Use Multiple account to thread add-on to send multiple account reports to threads.
Per-user whitelist:

Multiple account logs per-user:
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Latest updates

  1. 1.10.10 - Maintenance update

    When multi-account report creator validation fails, log an error to help diagnose why
  2. 1.10.5 - Bugfix update

    Fix bad links to known email providers in the approval queue Fix "Ban ASN" option not appearing...
  3. 1.8.12 - Bugfix update

    Fix 'no javascript' not working for external account association Fix multi-account detection not...

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