Slash through Banned Usernames

IPS Suite Slash through Banned Usernames 4.4.0

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(View ban plugin) This plugin will modify the output so that the banned users appear in the forum with their name scratched like this.

This is a small plugin to improve viewing of banned users. I always missed this feature on the platform.
I have been using it for some time in my community and now it's free for everyone here.

‏‏banned3.png.4e682d39dd4a1926a18f93c779a125d9.png.e2cccb146c946c754181e489168eb300 - עותק.png

‏‏banned2.png.c253c5098635e853ae34abb7fd03a1b2.png.bee034d169632b461d1446e4a7a455cf - עותק.png

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