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2.0 , 2.1 , 2.2
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Sportsbook allows your users to place wagers on outcomes of events with virtual cash/points/credits (either with built in Sportsbook cash or via 3rd party cash systems). There is also a Betting Exchange that allows members to place one on one bets against each other.

Key Features
  • Betting Exchange (Member vs Member bets)
  • Categories with Full Category Permissions
  • Multi Odds types (Moneyline, Decimal, Fractional)
  • Wager Limitations per usergroup/category
  • Bookie set outcome limitations per event/outcome
  • Bookies receive stakes on losing wagers
  • Watch Categories and Events
  • Discussion thread integration
  • User Criteria for Trophies, Notices, Promotions
  • User Permissions
  • Bookie Permissions
  • Moderator Permissions
  • Reactions
  • News Feed Integration
  • Profile Integration
  • Alerts
  • Virtual Cash System - Has its own built in virtual cash system as well as the ability to use external credit/point/cash systems.
  • Phrased for Translations
  • Widgets - Comes with 12 built in widget definitions for creating various types of Sportsbook related widgets
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  1. 2.2.3

    Sportsbook & Betting Exchange Update 2.2.3
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    New version update
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