Compatible XF Versions
2.1 , 2.2
Visible Branding
This add-on will allow you to sell resources in XenForo Resource Manager using the payment profiles built into XenForo.

How to use
In the category you need, check the box "paid resources", after which when creating a resource in this category, a page will appear on the page to indicate the price.

Information when upgrading from XenForo 1.5

Import is not provided in this plugin! The list of all buyers will be reset.
After importing, click "Edit Resource" and save it. This is necessary so that the correct currency is saved in the database
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1.10 - Maintenance update

    The minimum supported XenForo version has been increased to 2.2.0. The minimum supported version...
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