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Events Calendar PRO comes loaded with a selection of well designed views. You control which views you share with your users on the frontend.

Our Approach is Different
Frequent Updates

When you buy a copy of any of our products, you’re actually buying an entire year’s worth of development, new features, bug fixes, and support. We do regular maintenance releases to correct bugs, and release four feature-rich new versions per year. This pattern enables us to listen to our users. We’re constantly looking for feedback from our community, and letting that guide our decision making process.

Tested Design
We value design greatly. Design doesn’t just mean pretty. It means tools that are easy to use, intuitive, and delightful. We consistently conduct user experience tests to validate and improve our interfaces.

Beyond designing for user experience, we also want to make sure that our products look amazing on everyone’s website. We can’t accommodate every one of the million themes out there, but we continue to do our best to make using Events Calendar Pro a seamless experience for you and your users.

Events Calendar Pro builds on the solid foundation provided by The Events Calendar, which should be installed first of all, adding a raft of great features and functionality to an established and proven-to-perform platform.
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Latest updates

  1. The Events Calendar Pro v5.2.1.2

    [v5.2.1.2] 2021-01-13 Fix - Version rolled back some bugfixes that were shipped with...
  2. The Events Calendar Pro v5.2.1

    [v5.2.1] 2020-12-15 * Feature - V2 Customizer - Add background color css overrides. [TEC-3651]...
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