Slider Pro allows you to make stunning sliders with various slide transitions, as well as, the individual elements in each slide (text, title, action button, content image). Each slide can be customized with either solid color, background image, or Youtube/Vimeo videos. Below is a list of the features that comes with this addon: Check out our demo page to see it in action!

  • 3 slide pager designs

  • Optional auto advance slide between 1-10 second with option to show timer bar

  • Custom slider width and height

  • 3 slide layouts

  • Solid background, image, or video background in individual slide

  • Slide content image

  • Custom slide text/link color

  • Custom action button text, link, icon, and color

  • 14 slide transition effects

  • 4 animation effects for each slide element - Title, Text, Action Button, and Content Image

  • Ability to set duration of each animation in seconds

  • Unlimited number of slides

  • Title, Text, and Action Button independent custom font styling
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  1. Themify Builder Slider Pro

    2021.01.13 - version 2.0.6 Fix: Slide text container background color does not render when the...
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