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2.0 , 2.1 , 2.2
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Add-On Overview

The add-on allows to filter and search threads based on Custom thread fields. The idea is to allow admins to utilize the power of custom thread fields to turn their forums into Directory, Classifieds, Shop or other types of content, for which filtering the data based on custom fields is vital.

Trial Version

We offer seven days free trial version on our website. No credit card is required, the service is approved automatically upon registration and confirmation of order.

IonCube Loader and PHP 5.6+ version are required to run trial version of the product. The full version does not have such requirement and does not have any encoded code in it.


The product is active on our forums at XenForo 2 Demo - AddonsLab and can be tested at Filter in sidebar

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Latest updates

  1. New permission - Can use custom field filters

    In this release, we have implemented new forum permission called Can use custom field filters...
  2. Bug-fix: Auto-reload does not work if filterable selects are disabled

    This is a fix for a regression in the latest version, which would cause the Auto Reload not to...

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