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WP Plugins Top Rated WordPress Points Management System 2021-01-13

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myCred makes it simple to create a loyalty program or gamify your website so that you can increase the average customer value with less marketing effort.

Membership has its perks! Get rewarded at every step.
  • Instantly gain access to 50+ myCred add-ons.
  • Premium support & priority updates – 24/7 customer support.
  • One membership license key that works for all add-ons.
  • Connect multiple sites with just one membership license key.
  • Upgrade your package at any time to get more add-ons.
  • Check the package pricing page for the add-on list.
Add A Rewards Program & Increase Your Revenue Today
A rewards program is a key ingredient to creating a profitable website.
A recent poll in the US found that 69% of customers allow the presence of rewards or loyalty programs to influence their shopping decisions and 58% of consumers shop at least once a month at stores whose loyalty programs they’ve joined.
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