-feature: added "box shadow" attribute type
-feature: added url_posts and num_posts to users output
-bug fix: load js include file in editor even if no js code
-feature: added option for selector 2 and selector 3 in several attributes
-feature: added copy / paste attributes sections in widget editor
-bug fix: fixed some php notice with exclude terms posts selection
-bug fix: fixed small bug in getListingItemData function with no object returned
-feature: added option for get default object to getListingItemData function
-feature: added support for wpml site language inside a widget
-bug fix: fixed post selection manual select no posts shown at init
-bug fix: fixed bug when private posts not fetched on manual posts selection
-feature: added acf image and thumbnails widths and heights to placeholders list
-change: updated codemirror to latest version, added code search feature
-change: updated freemius sdk to 2.4.2

-bug fix: fixed php sanitize array bug
-feature: added option to fetch custom meta fields in users list
-feature: added function to twig: getByPHPFunction()
-feature: added function to twig: getUserMeta()
-feature: added function to twig: getListingItemData() - working inside any plugin listing
-bug fix: fixed post type in related posts post selection

  • -feature: added acf link array and attributes
  • -feature: added ordering features to post selection related and manual
  • -feature: added option for showing only sticky posts
  • -feature: added exclude by term setting in widget post selection
  • -change: moved debug data from advaned to general folder in elementor widget settings
  • -bug fix: fixed woo commerce prices number format
  • -bug fix: fixed refresh posts on "post query" section open in widget post settings
  • -bug fix: fixed manual posts selection default order