Compatible XF Versions
2.1 , 2.2
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Improvements to XenForo's user mentions system.

This addon is does not handle super-large group membership well.

  • Mentionable user groups.
    • Customizable icon per group (small + large).
    • Membership can be viewed on the front-end.
    • User group may be private, at which point only members can tag or view that group.
    • Permission to tag taggable groups.
    • Admin privilege to view all taggable groups.
  • User group mentions supports the following:
    • User profile posts/comments.
    • Posts/Threads.
    • Reports
  • Opt-in, send an email to the user who is mentioned/quoted:
    • global option to enable/disable.
    • permission to receive mentioned emails.
    • configurable default for users on account creation.
  • Editor integration. Copying & pasting a user group tag link is transformed into @usergroup
  • User mentions can be disabled per forum per user group
See the add-on Username Restrictions to prevent users signing up using a usergroup name.

New Permissions
  • Enable User Mentions
  • Receive Mention Alert Emails
  • Receive Quoted Alert Emails
  • Mention User Group
  • View Private Groups
  • Allow mention alert emails
  • Allow quoted alert emails
  • Send quote emails only on unreplied threads
  • Mention/Quote Snippet length
  • Default usergroup avatar (small)
  • Default usergroup avatar (large)
  • Block mention rendering if the user has no permissions to use mentions
  • Return permission denied instead of not found if lacking permissions to view a user group
  • Public user group - users per page

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