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XenForo prevents users from creating posts with no content. However there may be other types of invalid posts that you wish to prevent.

This add-on allows you to specify invalid posts using regular expressions, or "post guards". If a user attempts to submit a post which matches one of your post guards, it will fail and they will receive an error message that you specify for that post guard. You can also set guards for thread titles.

  • In admin, go to Content -> Post Guards -> Manage
  • Click Add Post Guard.
  • Give the post guard a Label which describes what it does, a Regex that matches an invalid post, an Error Phrase that should be returned to a user if the guard is triggered, and an Applies To to set whether the guard applies to post content or thread title content.
  • Create a phrase with the name you specified (Appearance -> Phrases -> Add Phrase), with the desired content.
    Important: this phrase should NOT be made in Master with the Add-on field set. Only add the phrase to a subordinate language (e.g. English). Alternatively, you can add it to Master with the Add-on field left blank. This is to prevent phrase loss during add-on upgrades.
The regex should match PCRE (php) style.

Some useful regex may be listed in the FAQ for this resource.

Upgrading from XF1

This addon will successfully upgrade from the latest XF1 version.

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  1. v2.0.0 Initial WMTech Version, Updated for XF 2.1.x

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