WooCommerce File Approval plugin seamlessly integrates into your WooCommerce installation allowing you to share files with your customers. Files that can be approved or rejected!

It happens that a shop manager needs to share some files with a customer after a purchase. Those files have to be approved or rejected by the customer. Eventually, the customer must have the possibility to leave a message explaining the reason for his actions. This process must go on until the file is approved by the customer!

The WooCommerce File Approval is designed to satisfy this need! The shop manager now can create all the attachments he needs for an order! Each attachment will have its file and its message thread that allows the communication with the customer. Each attachment has some further options like the “reply policy” (how ofter the user can post a message) and “file title”.

The process is straightforward:
  1. The admin, through the order details page, attaches one or more files. For each of them, a message can be left. Once saved, a notification email is sent to the user
  2. The user, through the order details page, can approve or reject the attachment. Optionally can leave a message. Once don, a notification is sent to the admin
  3. The admin can eventually re-attach a new file or simply post a message to have further info (so the process cycles again trough step 1)
The attachment messages are displayed via a nice visual thread style!

Every time the admin edit the attachments (so the user needs to re-approve/reject it) or posts a message, The customer receives an email notification. The same things happen when the customer approves/rejects an attachment or if he posts a message. Email texts can be configured (and eventually translated via WPML) via the special Email texts menu.

Every time the admin edits an attachment or adds a new message, those contents will be highlighted in the frontend in order to give better feedback to the customer. Same things happen when a customer leaves a message: in the admin order details page, the new message will be highlighted.KEEP YOUR SERVER CLEAN
The attached files are uploaded into the WordPress media gallery and bounded to the order. Once an attachment is deleted, the associated file will be automatically deleted. If an order is deleted, all the associated files will be deleted.

The plugin supports the WPML translation plugin. You will then able to customize and translate email texts through the special menu.

The plugin automatically configures your media gallery in order to accept large files upload without the need of any further server configuration!LARGE IMAGE PREVIEW

In case using large images ( > 2500px), make sure you properly configure the Settings -> Media -> Large size setting in order to accept the width and height you need.
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Latest updates

  1. WooCommerce File Approval v4.7

    v4.7 - 16.02.21 Added option to disable the embedded lightbox javscript library
  2. WooCommerce File Approval v4.1

    = v4.1 - 13.01.21 = * Fixed an issue with WooCommerce 4.9
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