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Reflect your WordPress Real Media Library structure into physical, avoid the mess that you see through your FTP. Organize media in physical folders.

(Real Physical Media) is the first plugin of its kind. With the power of Real Media Library and Media File Renamer (free or Pro Version, both works) it allows you to change the physical media storage path and media URL. This can also have some SEO benefits. Do you know the wp-content/uploads folder? There, the files are stored in year/month based folders. This can be a very complicated and mass process, especially when you are working with a FTP client like FileZilla. With this plugin you can determine where to store your uploads. It also supports multisite.

During the development of the plugin we paid attention to performance. A queueing system was introduced to protect your system from crashes or timeouts. Thus it is also possible to place thousands of files in the queue without any problems.

A question which must be answered immediately in the header text: If a URL of a file changes, the old URL remains valid (SEO-Rewrite) so that no 404 Not Found errors occur.

If you buy, you get: Forever FREE updates and high quality and fast support.

Envato Market licensing: Extended license doesn’t cover multiple uses. You need to purchase a regular or an extended license for every site.
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  1. WordPress Real Physical Media v1.3.16

    v1.3.16 (2021-03-02) fix respect language of newsletter subscriber to assign to correct...
  2. WordPress Real Physical Media v1.3.15

    v1.3.15 (2021-02-24) docs rename test drive to sanbox (#ef26y8)
  3. WordPress Real Physical Media v1.3.12 Nulled

    v1.3.12 (2021-01-24) Version bump only for package @devowl-wp/real-physical-media
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