Available as both a free and premium plugin, the WP and Divi Icons (formerly the Divi Icon Expansion Pack) and the WP and Divi Icons PRO plugins add over 2500 icons to both WordPress and the Divi Theme Framework!
The only icon plugin needed in a web development toolkit, the WP and Divi Icons plugin lets WordPress users add over 2500 icons to create attractive web designs.
About WP and Divi Icons
Helping WordPress users build even better websites, the WP and Divi Icon plugin adds over 2500 icons into the WordPress framework. Compatible with any standards-compliant WordPress theme and the Divi theme, the WP and Divi Icon plugin displays in either the WordPress editor console or within the Divi Builder in any icon-ready module.

The WP and Divi Icon plugin ships already integrated with leading icon font sets: Font Awesome and Material Design, use thousands of third-party icons directly from within the WordPress editor or the Divi Builder, without having to initiate any software or run complicated integration scripts. The WP and Divi Icon plugin comes complete with SVG support, promising pixel perfect designs.

Simple Icon Search
Use a convenient keyword-based search function to browse through all of the icons, including those already built into the Divi theme, as well as the custom icons.

Use External Icon Font Resources
Integrated with leading external font repositories, use icons from Font Awesome and Material Design directly from either the WordPress or Divi editor consoles.

Style Icons with CSS
Add deeper layers of customization to your icons, assigning a CSS class to various elements and add custom style using a stylesheet.

Multi-color icon
Use the Plugin Settings to set the primary, secondary and tertiary colors of the icons. Color settings will reflect the palette design of either the WP or Divi editor consoles.
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    Version 1.3.2, February 19, 2021 Fix: Icons were not working with certain settings in Settings...
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    v1.3.0, February 9, 2021 Fix: The plugin may cause performance problems in the Divi builder...
  3. WP and Divi Icons Pro v1.2.2

    v1.2.2, February 4, 2021 Fix: Previous version (1.2.1) had a different icon mapping than the...
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